Welcome and cheers to a New Year and to a new look at the latest in home fashion trends, colors and decorating. Will 2019 be a year of change for you and your home décor? Are you selling, buying building remodeling or making minor changes? If so, you'll find interest in the following information regarding the latest in furniture and home fashions. If you're enjoying your surroundings exactly as they are, then you should still find interest in what's in for '19! 

I've studied trend reports, traveled across the country to furniture markets and listened to the best forecasters in the industry, including the merchandising team at Norwalk Furniture, to compile and share with you the colorful and creative newest looks assembled into four categories. 

Does a pop of color invigorate you? Then you'll enjoy following the increasingly popular trend of reinventing looks of mid-century modern and Art Deco through the use of contemporary textiles, matte gold finishes and a dash of mustard. 

Ready to have the moody blues (in color, not attitude)? Because it's all about the color blue in '19... from deep, saturated hues to piercing brights, you're sure to be moved by the mood of blue with a lineup of navy, indigo and sea. 

What girl isn't in love with florals and succulents? We've always been drawn to a beautiful bouquet of floral whether found on our tabletops or in our fabrics and wall coverings and you'll find it a dominant trend in clothing and home this year. 

Finally, got the urge to hunker down and feel warm and cozy at home? Then you'll definitely enjoy the continued movement of Scandinavian Hygge with clean-lined furnishings combined with fuzzy faux furs, chunky hand-knit throws and loads of pillows for cuddling in the Euro Boho trend. 

Colonel Mustard

Let us give you a clue... Colonel Mustard is creeping back into home furnishings. With the continuing popularity of mid-century design amongst both retiring baby boomers and emerging Millennials, shades of mustard from French's to Poupon are once again popular. Adding energy and a touch of playfulness to almost any room setting, mustard tones pair well with acid greens and atomic blues for a decidedly spicy décor. Master the color by adding in throw pillows, rugs or accessories to your neutral environment and you might not only see, but also hear, the pop of creativity created!

Moody Blues

The ever-popular shades of blue continue to hold a high place of regard by furniture consumers in their product and place. Like many if the most popular home design color combinations, the tones and color partners change from year to year. While the navy and white combination is evergreen, especially in coastal design, we find that a warmer, calmer palette is definitely taking hold. Shades from cobalt to cerulean to azure are more dominant than the extreme shades of indigo or sky. And with brown tones becoming popular, home designers will love the serenity of combining blues with warm taupe, grays and milk chocolate. 

Dusted Florals

Floral patterns have enjoyed several years of ascendancy. First, it was observed as a brightly tossed floral design themes, then a year or two ago, the trend moved toward densely packed mini-florals in darker tones. For spring of 2019, silver undertoned and impressionist drawn florals will dominate. Elegant in their simplicity, succulent-inspired shades of sage and olive are often touched with a hint of lilac or lavender; they are a perfect foil to the popular silver-toned upholstery fabrics featured on the pages of home decorating magazines today. 

Euro Boho

As an extension of the Scandinavian Hygge movement in home decorating where coziness and comfort are the ruling goals, many designers, including Norwalk Furniture's guest designer Kim Salmela, are expanding on this theme by creating a more decidedly energetic but comfy room setting. Hygge: pronounced "hoo-guh" is a Danish term defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as a "quality of coziness and comfortable  conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being." The word is said to have no direct translation in English, though "cozy" comes close. In the fast-paced, ever-changing world in which we live, the comfort and coziness of home is becoming more and more in the forefront of our minds and we're creating it while also layering in exuberant textiles, unexpected color and pattern combinations and textured fabrics to create a new Euro Boho look. Luscious layered velvets, touchable textures, light and dark contrast and Old World decorative accents all support a more free and spirited design. 

So, which trend appeals to you? Or do you prefer to mix and match? Happy decorating for... a new year - 2019!